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Do you make resolutions along with the majority of people throughout the world?  With them, do you find yourself failing to keep them?  How easy it is to make statements like, “I’m giving up, such and such or this or that”; I’m going to….. Fill in the blanks and regardless of your age, you’ll most likely find you’ve “committed” to at least one new resolution every year since you were ten years old, maybe earlier or later.  I’m right at the head of the line here and know that I’m in great company!

Why do we make statements, generally without actually planning to be successful?  Are we still allowing peer pressure to drive how we think and act?

Here’s a link to fifteen verses in God’s word concerning New Years Resolutions.  http://www.openbible.info/topics/new_years_resolutions

As you read through these verses consider a couple of things.  Not just at the beginning of a new year, but daily we should resolve to be completely available to our Father for His work.  We must plan and prepare to complete His work; at home, on the job, at church, in our neighborhood and wherever He leads.  Planning to be ready at all times and prepared by studying His word and by prayer and through fellowship with those who strengthen and encourage us.

I started another devotion which is only four days in length through YouVersion titled, “One Word That Will Change Your Life”.  The goal is that instead of “making a resolution” for this year, we seek God for a single word for the new year!  That this one word will through continued focus, become the point of our year.  Whatever the word He gives or you might choose… be it one of the fruits of the Spirit, consecration, discipline, character trait, etc. having a singular focus will change our lives.

Instead of the grandiose, simplify.  Dial back and ask God to help you select the one word to focus on for this year and allow Him to develop that in us.  This is my goal, my resolution and over the next day or so, I believe He will show me my word for the year.  I will share this with you and ask only that you help me stay accountable.

I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with HIS all.

Blessings & Peace Always,



“Grace, Grace, God’s Grace…” such a beautiful song laid on the heart of Julia H Johnston, titled “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”

I woke up to the chorus of this song this morning and although I know the whole chorus, the Holy Spirit has me dwelling on just the first four words.  We all go through “stuff” and it is the life we live today.  Nothing has changed over the life of humanity, “stuff” or “things” happen and it becomes what we make of it all.  As HIS child, my perspective should be different than that of someone still lost, “dead in their trespasses and sin”.  My perspective should be that of constant opportunity!

HE, my Heavenly Father, has a plan for my life!  As such, the “stuff” offers me the opportunity to embrace HIS Grace and accept these opportunities for growth in faith and greater intimacy with my Savior and Lord.  Paul said, “…and everything that does not come from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23b).  I’m taking a very specific view of this last portion of the verse, but I think it’s a shorter reach than you might think when looking at the whole passage.  As HIS child, I should live as HIS child and this means believing that HE has already met every need in my life.  When I have a need, whether great or small, do I believe HE has already met my need or not?  Do I move forward in faith or do I question whether “HIS Grace is Sufficient”?

“Grace, Grace, God’s Grace”, HE provides us grace on HIS terms…FREELY.  His terms are, He’s has provided it, always and in abundance, period.  There are no strings attached, no conditions and nothing we can do that will change HIS provision.  We will either accept it or refuse it.  He doesn’t even require a “thank you”…..  How humbling is that?!  We, Tracy and I, have had and I expect we will again in time have the opportunity to extend this same grace.  Father, help us to always be willing to accept and then share Your Grace in exactly the same way YOU have and will provide.

By Faith, we accept that Your grace is available and ours without condition, we need only take hold of it and know that Your Grace is Sufficient.

Brian L Powell


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