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The Importance of Church Outreach in the Local Community

The majority of US citizens call themselves Christians and yet the importance of church outreach within the local community cannot be overstated. The disciples were not labeled Christian until they had been scattered due to Stephen’s death and the Good News was being shared in Antioch. (Acts 11:19-26) Whether they were called disciples or Christians it was the same to them because of their relationship with Jesus. Even though Jesus had ascended, He was still an active part of their lives. This has been lost somehow in our culture today and we need to refocus on the local community because outreach will enable us to give, guide, and grow.

By giving ourselves in service to our communities through different charitable needs, we will live out Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves. We will be able to learn about material needs and then be able to assist in meeting those needs. Many organizations working to meet local needs do not have the resources to have a permanent meeting place and making our church facilities available will aid in meeting the need for a safe and secure location for their meetings. We are able to give to our communities by reaching out in service, helping with needed material items, and through the use of our facilities.

Through active outreach we are able to help guide our communities. By living out our relationship with Christ, we will point the lost to Jesus. Sacrifice our time to stop and help regardless of our busy schedules will show that people are more important than things. Mentoring programs for children and youth are in great need and as Christians we should be involved to allow Jesus to work through us as a positive influence in their lives. Through living out our relationship with Christ, we will be able to guide our communities back to Jesus through sacrifice and mentoring.

Growth of God’s kingdom will become a result of our newly formed relationships. The knowledge we gain will help us to better understand the needs and challenges of our communities at large. Christ’s church, His body of believers, will grow stronger and shine brighter to become the beacon on a hill. Stronger relationships in the community and increased knowledge of needs and the positive impact on Christ’s church will all grow as a result.

Allowing Jesus to live actively in our lives in an ongoing relationship is crucial. Because church outreach will give, guide, and grow in the local community; the level of importance will be realized.

*This work was originally submitted for an assignment in English Composition. It is posted here for your consideration and response.*

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“Grace, Grace, God’s Grace…” such a beautiful song laid on the heart of Julia H Johnston, titled “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”

I woke up to the chorus of this song this morning and although I know the whole chorus, the Holy Spirit has me dwelling on just the first four words.  We all go through “stuff” and it is the life we live today.  Nothing has changed over the life of humanity, “stuff” or “things” happen and it becomes what we make of it all.  As HIS child, my perspective should be different than that of someone still lost, “dead in their trespasses and sin”.  My perspective should be that of constant opportunity!

HE, my Heavenly Father, has a plan for my life!  As such, the “stuff” offers me the opportunity to embrace HIS Grace and accept these opportunities for growth in faith and greater intimacy with my Savior and Lord.  Paul said, “…and everything that does not come from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23b).  I’m taking a very specific view of this last portion of the verse, but I think it’s a shorter reach than you might think when looking at the whole passage.  As HIS child, I should live as HIS child and this means believing that HE has already met every need in my life.  When I have a need, whether great or small, do I believe HE has already met my need or not?  Do I move forward in faith or do I question whether “HIS Grace is Sufficient”?

“Grace, Grace, God’s Grace”, HE provides us grace on HIS terms…FREELY.  His terms are, He’s has provided it, always and in abundance, period.  There are no strings attached, no conditions and nothing we can do that will change HIS provision.  We will either accept it or refuse it.  He doesn’t even require a “thank you”…..  How humbling is that?!  We, Tracy and I, have had and I expect we will again in time have the opportunity to extend this same grace.  Father, help us to always be willing to accept and then share Your Grace in exactly the same way YOU have and will provide.

By Faith, we accept that Your grace is available and ours without condition, we need only take hold of it and know that Your Grace is Sufficient.

Brian L Powell


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