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Every Moment I Surrender…

Every Moment I Surrender….


Trusting…. we say, “I do trust HIM” and yet our actions do so often otherwise. May we right now, choose to trust and believe HIS word to us and live in HIS peace and presence always.

Julie Harris, thank you for being obedient to HIS call on your life and in sharing as HE leads.

First Thoughts….

I never cease being amazed at today’s technology.  The ease and speed involved in setting up and then launching a website or blog is just incredible.  I have a blog through another provider and yet to “like” or “comment” on WordPress sites, you need to be registered.  A great plan if you’re providing a service and looking to grow your base of customers.  So, what does this have to do with my blog?  Really, not a great deal, except that I find the process interesting and not unfamiliar.  Our society today, expects things fast and easy.  These two points sum up the way we’ve come to understand all things should be.  Fast and easy, immediate gratification with as little effort as possible.  For WordPress consumers, this is a perfect setup.  No huge effort and best of all, no financial expense.  For WordPress, increased customers will ultimately lead to greater exposure and web activity.  Then, they have now and will continue to gain customer’s who upgrade to their premium service and grow from there.  I’m not knocking WordPress here, just sharing my observation of the process.  It works, I’m here and so are you.

My goal is to share with you my Journey with Jesus.  Actually, what I expect to share will be the points that HE will lay on my heart.  In this life we need to share in the thoughts and experiences of other people who are looking to follow Jesus daily.  Our life is changed everyday in ways we don’t often realize and when we do notice, we’re hard pressed to explain the how, when or why.  My goal will be to place a new entry on a weekly basis.  I hope that what is shared here will be beneficial and that Jesus will be glorified by what is shared.  This being said, I find that my relationship with Jesus has been anything but fast, easy or without effort.  I believe everyone will agree; relationships don’t happen overnight, they aren’t easy (certainly not initially) and effort is essential.  While we may want the “fast food” kind of relationship with Jesus, it proves impossible and it’s just NOT good for us.

I welcome your thoughts and observations.  The most important part of this blog will always be Jesus Christ and what HE alone leads me to write here.  My desire is to glorify HIM and share what HE directs.  Between now and the next posting, I pray HIS Peace and Presence will fill your days and that you will know the Blessings that come with a fully engaged relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior, Friend and Companion.

Blessings and Peace Always,


Grace Like Rain

I Sing Because I'm Free

I love the rain.  I love the sound, the feel, the smell, the mood it evokes.  It is elegant and musical.  Rain seems to have a personality all its own.   My love affair with rain began when I was a little girl.

I never felt like I “fit in” as a child.  I was tall, terribly shy, and overweight.  Most days I didn’t feel like I had a friend in the world.  As a child, I often felt like I was looking through my windows watching all the other kids play and have fun.  It wasn’t any fun feeling left out.  So, when it rained, it brought me a little bit of happiness… because EVERY OTHER KID was sitting inside their house wanting to be outside.   As a child, when it rained, I felt like I finally “fit in” with everyone else.  We were all miserable!

I still…

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